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MACO is an Austrian family company, which specializes in manufacturing of windows and doors hardware for more than 70 years. The products are characterised by cutting edge technologies, flawless functionality and durability. All windows and doors equipped with MACO hardware distinguish with technologies that allow increased safety, improved energy efficiency and smoother operation.

MACO Products are manufactured 100% in the company’s factory in Austria. Each product is manufactured with high precision and attention to the detail, in order to guarantee the highest quality. The MACO group compromises of 3 Austrian manufacturing facilities, one assembly factory in Russia and 16 international commercial companies. MACO branded hardware is sold in more than 40 countries world wide.

MACO is one of leading global manufacturers of windows and doors hardware. The success of the company is based on a consistent work fueled by the values of the company.

  • Quality

    Flawless operation and long-term surface protection characterised MACO hardware. Intelligent design, modern manufacturing technologies, strict quality testing procedures and competent employees guarantee constantly high quality of the products.
  • Manufacturing Technologies

    The company develops its own manufacturing technologies, adapting it to ever growing requirements of its customers from different parts of the globe.
  • Surface treatment

    The surface treatment that guarantees maximum corrosion protection is one of the core competences of the company. This way long-term and high-quality operation is possible.
  • Sustainability

    All products and manufacturing procedures correspond to the energy conservation and environmental protection regulations.
  • Safety and Security

    Improved safety and security is a key characteristic of the MACO hardware.
  • R&D and Innovation

    The company is a leader in the development of innovative solutions that distinguish all windows and doors with MACO hardware and bring numerous benefits for the users.