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Gealan is a German company, manufacturer of innovative PVC profile systems for windows, entrance and sliding doors. It was established by Adam Fickenscher in 1921 as a fur processing factory. Plastic processing begin in 1956. The first widows profile system is developed in 1968 under the name of Gealan, which later on becomes the name of the company.

In 1980 the company introduces coloured window profile called acrycolor. The process of co-extruding of coloured acrylic glass with PVC profile is an important innovation which makes a product with high resistance to atmospheric conditions and unique and longlasting colour. In the next 30 years the company expands significantly – new factory is opened in Tanna, Thuringia as well as manufacturing, logistic and administrative centers in Poland, Russia, Romania, France and other.

Gealan profile systems are characterized with many innovative patented technologies. Acrycolor – unique surface and colours.  STV – static dry glazing (allow for smooth manufacturing of large scale windows). IKD – intensive heat insulation (technology with impressive insulation parameters). Beside the high quality and innovative technologies, Gealan focuses on green manufacturing, sustainability and environment preservation.