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In 1965 Vittorio Comunello established a company that produces components for windows, doors and gates. The company is an instant success and quickly builds a reputation of a company that manufactures innovative products with unrivaled absolute quality. Over time the company developed and diversified in the following directions: components and automation for sliding doors and gates; joints for windows, doors, facades and other frames from aluminium; automation for windows and doors. The leading criterion in the development and production of the products in all divisions is: Quality. Quality which is achieved through careful selection of input materials, innovative design and investment in the manufacturing process.

Windows and doors automation

Based on the long-standing experience in the manufacturing of components for doors, windows and gates, Comunello develops a range of electric motor automation. Comunello frame automation series are characterized with high quality, reliability and unique Italian design. The motors are suitable for automation of windows, persiennes, dormers, skylight, curtains, domes and others. They are suitable for houses, residential buildings, as well as for, commercial buildings, offices, industrial buildings and facilities.

Joints for aluminium frames

To make a window or a door work flawlessly and smoothly, we need to use only high quality components. All joints made by Comunello are produced in regards to the highest level of accuracy and quality. The precise manufacture makes the assembly of the window extremely easy and accurate – without distortion or gaps. The joints are made 100% in Italy from aluminium or steel.

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