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ARX is a brand of Kovinoplastika – international company, based in Slovenia. The company has many years of experience manufacturing hardware and accessories for windows and doors. The production meets the highest standards for quality and relying on the company’s knowledge, know how and modern technologies.

Windows and doors hardware – series ARX Spin

ARX Spin is high quality hardware for windows and doors made from AL, PVC or wood. To guarantee long lasting anti-corrosion protection, hence proper functionality, ARX hardware comes with EN1670 Grade 5 surface protection. Special R-Cam technology improves sealing and provides effortless and smooth opening and closing. Uniform design of the locking mechanism allow installation on various types and sizes of windows frames. Reduced friction between moving parts improves hardware operation and reduces wear of surfaces. Night ventilation function enables air circulation in warm weather and prevents glass condensation. All windows and doors with ARX hardware are characterised with high level of security.

Interior and entrance door hardware – series ARX Door

ARX Door locks offer solutions for the most diverse security requirements. Beside the latch and steel deadbolt in the main lock, the door is fixed at additional locking points with technologies such as locking R cam, RS cam and hook. ARX door locks offer a wide selection of solution methods both for single- and double-leaf doors. They also provide increased maneuvering, as the door height can be increased by using a variety of combinations. High security level as well as excellent sealing of the whole door frame. Strong sealing reduces the loss of thermal energy and improves sound insulation.